January 22, 2019 5:56 PM

10 Reasons to Have a Life-Size Champagne Glass

Every party needs a little champagne. Simple as it may seem, champagne is the golden ticket to taking your party to the next level. Though there are many ways to serve champagne, you cannot dispute what having a life-size champagne glass at your event would do.

Here are 10 reasons to have a life-size champagne glass at your event.


A life-size champagne glass can be customized to suit any event; be it a cocktail hour, Gatsby theme, or burlesque soiree among others.

For exotic décor

A Life-size champagne glass will bring a special kind of touch to your décor. An exotic one if you may. You can play with various colors, themes, and decorations. If your inner creativity is calling, embrace it and play around with the life-size champagne glass!

Hand out your gifts in style

Are you planning on giving out awards, corporate cards or gift bags? Whichever one it is, it is time to bid the old times of using humans behind a desk goodbye. Use the life-size champagne glass to distribute them instead and set the gift giving bar high.

Performer’s platform

Talented performers can entertain your guest from any platform or ‘stage’. Scratch that, from a life-size champagne glass. Our life-sized champagne glass performers will leave your guests in awe!

For serving

Why not take things a notch higher and serve your champagne from a life-size champagne glass. Our models will ensure your guests are served their champagne in a classy and interactive way.

Receiving gifts

If you have a station for receiving gifts at your birthday, wedding, fundraiser, etc, then you can set your champagne glass in a strategic and aesthetically pleasing place. It is time to receive your gifts in a swanky way.

Forget the champagne basket

What cooler way to chill your champagne than in a life-sized champagne glass?


Bring mermaids to your event and let them entertain your guests from a unique pool-the life-size champagne glass. The sparkling glass can be filled with water or bubbles, complete with a mermaid to suit the theme.

LED branding

Announce your brand or event with LED logo POI placed strategically on the champagne glass.  The display will shine bright for all your guests to see!


Help your guests create beautiful memories at your event by taking pictures with the champagne glass as well as the performers in it!


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