January 9, 2019 12:07 PM

Awards Season: how to host the best pre/after party

The awards season is here and it is your turn to throw the best pre-show and post-show award parties. Throwing an award party, with all the glam and glitz of the red carpet, can be as easy as A-B-C. This, of course, requires the right planning. Lucid Life Entertainment has got your back this awards season. Here are some tips and tricks to hosting the best award party:


The color scheme and theme

Everything about your party should be theme-specific. Pick a color scheme to match the décor. Your attendees can even dress according your theme or color scheme.

Lucid Life Entertainment’s customize-able  LED Logo Poi will bring your décor to a whole new level at the award ceremony.


Amazeballs invites!

Invitations are the way you announce your party and set the initial excitement and the mood.  Make them interesting enough and you will catch the attention of the attendees from the moment they open them.

The best way to go about this is customizing your invites. Whether they are printed or sent in an email, do not forget to make them theme-specific, with the colors from your chosen color scheme.


Serve your drinks in grand style!

The way you serve your drinks at a party says a lot, especially an award party. Take your serving to the next level by using our Lucid Life champagne skirts.

Make sure to give your guests options.  Allow them to select from an array of wine, champagne, and plenty of cocktails. With a creative mixologist your award-themed cocktails will be the talk of the evening.  



An elegant award party typically doesn’t call for a feast, but guests will appreciate light and delicious appetizers to go with their drinks. Serve them in plenty and in different varieties-maybe with the help of a costumed cigarette tray girl.


The entertainment

Our eclectic and entertaining array of DJs will set the perfect mood to complement your party and the award ceremony.


Select from some of our best entertainers and leave your attendees in awe.  LED robots customized to suit your theme, dancers, and sky-high aerialists will make it a night to remember.   

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