December 11, 2018 6:36 PM

Christmas: Best Guest Entertainment for Christmas

Are you planning a Christmas party? Is finding the best entertainment for your party stressing you out? Well, fret no more because Lucid Life Entertainment has got you covered!

We know that Christmas party organizers, like yourself, want the entertainment at their party to be perfect. After such a long year, your guests deserve the best. We have ways to help you make sure this is the best Christmas party they attend this season!   

Best Guest Entertainment for Christmas

Stilt Walkers

They will stand tall amongst your guests, perform, and even pose for photos. Better still, we can customize their look to enhance your party theme. Whether its a walking, talking Christmas tree or Christmas elves or any other customization you desire, Lucid Life has you covered.


What better way to close the year than letting loose on the dance floor? Our dancers are well trained and their choreographed routines are not only entertaining but breathtaking. Your guests will enjoy watching before joining the dancers and trying some of their own moves!

Flair Bartenders

Because all parties have to have drinks, why not dazzle your guests with the best of all bartenders? And by the best, we mean flair bartenders. For one, they are very good at what they do. But that is not all. Their skillfulness and expertise in both mixology and performance will leave your guests in awe.


Are your guests bringing their kids? One of the best ways to entertain a younger audience is with a magician. Leave them begging for more with our fun, mysterious, expert illusionists.

Snake Charmers

If you assumed all people are terrified of snakes then you have not seen our magical snake charmers in action. Your guests will be mesmerized by their beautiful relationship as they dance the night away.


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