September 28, 2018 11:03 PM

Conference: What to Do to Entertain Your Attendees?

Are you looking for ways to make your conference meeting memorable? There are a number of ways to make that possible such as a great venue and décor. Most importantly though, is entertainment. Nothing beats an event with amazing live entertainment.


Lucid Life Entertainment is here to make your events special- conferences too. Here are some ways to entertain your attendees.


Logo Poi


Highlight your company and event right from the beginning by using our LED Logo Poi. Whatever message regarding your event you want to deliver in an outstanding way, we will display it using our LED performers.  


Table Teams


Create teams based on how your attendees are placed in various table settings. With this, you

can have contests among them, group discussions, and any other activities.




Dancers will bring a new wave of life to your conference. This is because most conferences are expected to be very professional and serious. A little entertainment with the best dancers showcasing different choreography will liven up the mood in the event.


Champagne Skirts


When the conference is done and it is time for your attendees to network over a drink, get champagne skirts to do the serving. Our “Champagne Dolls” will not only serve your guests their drinks in the latest fashion, they will also keep them entertained and mesmerized.


Aerial Bartender


Still, on the drinks, take your servers a notch higher by gracing your event with aerial bartenders. They will perform and serve drinks while still dangling in the air. That is an artistic encounter your attendees will never forget.


Customized Gifts


Gift your attendee’s things that they will not end up in the trash the minute they leave the venue. Get creative and make them win some of these gifts through contests or asking questions.


Don’t hesitate to contact Lucid Life to help you get the best performers, with an incredible service.

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