September 10, 2018 9:00 PM

Daou Vineyards : The Annual Celebration

The Annual Celebration of Daou Vineyards was held on the 11th of August, 2018 at their winery in Paso Robles. This Lucid Life event helped to highlight Daou Vineyards’ unique, beautiful atmosphere and, of course, their fantastic wine. Their passion is their legacy, and to see stars to your eyes, we brought contortionists, dancers, a snake charmer, and aerialists to the event.


This last event was hosted by Daniel and Lizzy Daou, father and daughter. They wanted something exceptional and diverse. Lucid Life was the perfect match and offered an array performers throughout the celebration!


The whole event was a success, and we were thrilled to see the excited, dazzled guests. The magical environment created memories they will cherish forever.


This Studio 54 themed night of live music, disco, exotic animals, and dancing was brought to life with Lucid Performers on stage and interacting among the crowd! We helped to create an immersive experience, bringing the performers straight to the guests. 


Our “Disco Head” dancers performed in all bright metallic-silver colors reminiscent of the disco era. Lucid Life dancers brought energy to their performance and enhanced the atmosphere experience.


Lucid Life provided more than just performers. We brought one of a kind equipment and features to compliment our unique talent. An LED trail displaying the Daou logo was specifically crafted for this event, illuminated in the sky as the dancer spun poi.


Thank you, Daou Vineyards, for this journey we had together. The concoction of wine, disco, and dancing always makes for a fabulous recipe.


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