October 1, 2019 5:12 PM

Do The Disco Party!

Disco theme party
Disco theme party

Summer has finally come to an end, and with the closing of pool parties begins the festive season of costumes and creativity!  Halloween is just around the corner and party goers are looking to show off their new outfits.  So how do you ease into the scene with a little tease of what’s to come this fall?  Throw a disco themed party!!! Although the disco era peaked in the 70s, it can be argued that disco never dies.  With such a strong idea at the heart of your event guests won’t be able to resist getting their freak on!  Here are five tips and tricks to help bring the disco fever!


1) Disco Ball Dancers


Have you ever seen sexy, life size disco balls movin’ and groovin’ on the dance floor?!  Our Lucid Life dancers will wow the crowd with their custom made disco ball heads and mirror laden outfits.  This idea takes hanging a normal old disco ball from the ceiling to a whole new level! 


2) Set the tunes


Find a DJ or maybe even a 70s cover band that will play all the disco classics! The right music will set the mood the moment people walk through the door.  Even the cheesy hits like ‘YMCA’ will bring the party-goers together with moves they’ve been doing since childhood!


3) Roller Girls


Dancing roller skaters will weave through the party with extra flair.  They can amp up the party, take photos in their disco fashion, and pass out party favors!  Not only can these girls deliver an amazing performance on the dance floor but they will bring people back to a different era.


4) Mandatory dress code!


To ensure that guests truly embrace their inner disco it must be clearly stated on the invitations that disco fashion is required.  To add some extra fun, hold a costume contest halfway through the night and award the winner with hilarious disco prizes like their very own lava lamp!


5) Drink up!


Creative cocktails prepared by expert flair bartenders will make waiting in line at the bar a show in itself.  Lucid Life Flair bartenders are thrilled to serve you their amazing creations with names like ‘the bell-bottom’ and ‘whirled peace’!

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