October 17, 2018 8:00 AM

The Premier Entertainment Agency For Your Events.

Premier Entertainment Agency:


Who We Are

For years now, Lucid Life has worked towards ensuring our clients gets the top-notch events they deserve. As the Premier  Entertainment Agency in LA, our reliable and skilled professionals ranging from models to dancers will bring that dream event to life.


From weddings to corporate events, private parties to staffing your nightclub among others. We have also expanded our wings to relieve you of the hassle of hiring performers. By hiring us, you will get full service, insurance and worry-free entertainment.  All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your top-notch party when the day comes.


If the above is not enough to convince you to hire us, here are some more reasons why you need to use an agency, like us, to hire entertainment:




Less stress


Planning a party or any event is very strenuous. From dealing with clients that do not meet the deadline or your quality standards, to picking the perfect venue and decor. The list is endless, and so much can go wrong. By hiring an agency, you avoid dealing with all of this. The only thing you need to do is pick your theme, date and let your agency take it from there!


Competitive Prices


If you thought to pick the venue or decor was hard enough you clearly have not gotten to the payment bit. From entertainment options and many more, the budget could be more than you hoped for.


With an entertainment agency, the chances of getting the best prices out there are very high. This is because most of the agencies have been in the market for long, and have a longstanding with event suppliers. The prices they will get will, therefore, be much less than the market price you get as an individual.


Flawless Event


We all know that an event can break down at the last minute either because of some the entertainer failed to show up. To avoid last minute headaches and disappointments, hire an agency to handle your bookings.


They have years of experience handling such occurrences. More so, if you hire us, we will use our own trained professionals and have everything in place before the day of the party.

For a full list of our services, click here and give us a call whenever you are ready!


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