March 13, 2019 3:47 AM

Entertainment Ideas for your Nightclub

When it comes to maintaining the crowd in your nightclub, the type of entertainment you provide matters. The kind of crowd in your nightclub will also determine the mix of entertainment needed to keep it going. We have a few entertainment ideas for your nightclub that will keep your customers coming back for more.

1.      LED dancers

Light up the floor of your nightclub with our LED dancers. Only your imagination will limit the visual displays they deliver. Even if you want to spice it up with a costume-themed event, our performers will provide.

While their LED costumes and visual displays are bound to wow your guests, their choreographed dance moves will also do the magic.   

2.      Stilt walkers

After a long day in the office or at school, a few hours at the nightclub will help guests to unwind and forget their responsibilities. Stilt walkers will help lift the mood of your customers. They can perform for them, mingle with them and even take pictures with them.  

3.      Aerial bartenders

Rather than let your customers get their drinks from the counter, take your drink serving a notch higher. We mean higher quite literally, courtesy of our aerial bartenders.

They will bring an artistic touch to your nightclub. Their theatrics while suspended high above the crowd will leave guests in awe. Not to mention that they will serve the customers their favorite drinks while at it.

4.      Costume servers

If you want to set the tone of the evening in your nightclub, have costumed servers attend to your customers. Play around with different costume ideas every night and set their everyday experience apart.

This will also bring the element of surprise. Your customers will always be looking forward to spending a few hours of their evening at your club because the mood and tone are different every day.  


Contact us and we will help you transform the entertainment in your nightclub.  

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