August 20, 2019 4:12 PM

Fire Dancers and Their Secrets Behind Bringing The Heat!

Especially with Burning Man just around the corner, Fire Dancers are emerging from the shadows left and right with their thrilling and captivating abilities.  Fire is arguably the most dangerous element one could play with and manipulate.  Many onlookers are drawn to fire performances with an extreme combination of excitement and fear, but that’s all just a part of the fun!


So how does an artist’s journey lead up to them playing with fire?  Many performers come from a dance, circus, or acting background.  Adding fire to their work sparks (literally) next level interest for both the fire dancer and their audience. Many props or flow tools such as hoops and poi can be used with or without fire.  If a hooper feels comfortable and confident enough in their abilities, than why not bring the heat!  Fire introduces an array of new challenges and incorporating this unpredictable element seamlessly into their movement is no easy task. 


What events are the most suitable for fire performers? 


In terms of safety, first and foremost a fire performer requires enough space for their act. Props such as fans can be used in a smaller area, but the audience should still be a comfortable distance away from the performer.  Prior to the event a safety permit must be obtained as well as a fire safety assistant for the artist should something go wrong during the show. 


After the logistics have been established comes the fun part!  Fire will best deliver that desired wow factor in a dark setting that really makes their flames pop.  Imagine the sun setting over the beach followed by fire performers lighting up the night sky for your guests!  They can rev up the crowd if your event has only just begun or they can create the perfect finale to your fun-filled evening.


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