October 22, 2019 1:38 AM

Flair Bartending Tricks Every Bartender Should Know!

Flair Bartender
Flair Bartender

Waiting at the bar for drinks can be the most annoying aspect of an event for the guests.  Especially with an open bar and a crowded party!  So how do we find a creative way to entertain party goers while they wait for that desired cocktail?  With flair bartenders!!! Here are some of the most important things to look for in hiring a flair bartender for you next event.



Yes, the tricks and so called ‘flair’ are very essential tools of the flair bartending trade.  But before we even dig into those elements, consider the bartender’s personality and charisma.  Does the bartender smile, tell jokes, and charm the patient guests while they wait?  Maybe the bartender has taken it an entire step further with a costume or character matching the event theme.  That extra spark and personal engagement will make all the difference.  If they work the room, or in this case, work the bar, crowds will draw not only for their drinks but for the show!  Make ordering a drink an event in itself!



Experienced flair bartenders can do tricks in their sleep.  Pay attention to the ease, or lack thereof, that sets a true professional apart when it comes to flair bartending.  Some flair basics include tossing the shaker, juggling their cups, and chatting effortlessly with the attendees throughout their presentation.  Some flair bartenders will be able to coordinate with their counterparts behind the bar and combine their tricks, creating next level entertainment and showmanship!



Everyone loves it when flair bartenders bring the heat!!!  With the illusion of blowing fire from their mouths these dare devil performers will be sure to get some ‘oohs’ and ‘awes’ from the crowd.  Just make sure that if there is a fire element incorporated into their work you have the proper safety protocols and insurance in place at the event.

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