August 14, 2018 8:05 PM

Get the Best Ways to Serve Champagne

The type of champagne you serve at your party speaks a lot about your character, class, and taste; from Moet and Veuve to Ace of Spade and Dom Perignon. But that’s not all. You also need to know the best ways to serve champagne to avoid embarrassment.


Serving Glasses


One of the best glasses to consider is a flute. Flutes are elegant and classy. Their tall and narrow shape preserves the bubbles of the champagne. This prevents it from becoming flat. A flute is ideal for champagne with big bubbles that disappear quickly.


A wine glass is also widely considered the best for champagne by most experts. With a wine glass, you are able to detect the aromas of the champagne. The wide top of the wine glass provides enough airspace for your guests to smell the aromas of the champagne you are serving.




Presentation of champagne servings at your party is key to your guests’ mood. For a dazzling and artistic presentation, hire our aerial bartenders. They will not only serve your guests but also perform and entertain them. Another way to serve the champagne in an outstanding way is with our champagne skirts.




Storing your champagne in a cool place is recommended, but your fridge is not the answer. Look for a cool place with a consistent temperature in the house that has no light. Once opened, store the bottle in an ice bucket filled with ice and 1/3 water.




Do not fill the glasses to the brim to prevent them from warming up too fast. Fill them 1/3 full.




To bring out the unique taste of the champagne you are serving, pair it with the perfect foods. Champagne goes hand in hand with oily foods. You can serve oysters, fried chicken, caviar or lobster among others.


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