October 30, 2018 7:08 PM

How to create a cutting-edge futuristic party

Are you planning a themed party? Do you want it to be the talk of the town for months to come? Well, a cutting-edge spaceship and futuristic themed party is no longer a dream, thanks to technology. And a little creativity of our own. Here is how Lucid Life Entertainment will help you get that jaw-dropping themed party. This could be an original corporate party!


Alien-like Water Performers


The elegance of our water performers is taken from the present world to the futuristic, alien world you have imagined. Imagine an aquarium with a space set up, with water performers dressed as animal-alien’s, just “floating in space”!


Your party is about to beat ant underwater Sci-Fi movies you have watched! Our well trained, professional, and very talented performers will not swim around the space-aquarium but also offer performances to showcase their skillful movements.


Stilt Walkers in Alien Costumes


Are you a big fan of Avatar, Star Wars or any other alien movie and TV show characters? Bring them to life at your themed party courtesy of our stilt walkers.


What our stilt walkers will offer your guests is an environment filled with giant walking aliens. Better still, ask your guests who their favorite alien characters are beforehand. That way, our stilt walkers will be dressed in advance- surprise!  


Costumed Robot Aerialist


The sight of a suspended alien-aerialist, high above your guests with majestic and mesmerizing dance moves will leave your guests breathless.


The ceiling will also be revamped to look like space. That way, robotic aerialists will be floating in a cosmic setting- with stars and all those beautiful cosmic lights.


Atmosphere entertainments


There is no reason why the floor and the ceiling of your house should not look like the Galaxy. With retro-projectors, we will bring this setting to life at your party. Space-shaped objects will also be provided to float around the air. This will make it look like there are alien spaceships about to invade your party. That is just about cool as it is about to get in your neighborhood!


Give us a call today and we will make this dream come true.

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