November 12, 2019 6:04 PM

How To Create a Perfect Event

Plan the perfect event
Plan the perfect event

Creating a perfect event is a nerve-racking experience even for anyone regardless of the level of expertise or knowledge. It is even worse, especially for seasoned veterans. This is because you have so many things to worry about as a professional event planner. First, you have to worry about your reputation for you to get more gigs. Then you have to worry about your client and whether he/she is going to be pleased with what you have done.


Just like any other serious undertaking, you have to brace yourself for obstacles along the way. The key lies not in avoiding the obstacles but rather dealing with then as diligently when they appear. Here are some expert event planning tips to help you run the show like a professional.


Proper Communication

Before you start planning the perfect event, ensure that you are on the same page with all the parties involved. The best way to do this is to ensure that there is proper communication between the involved parties more so you and the client. Some other parties that might get involved include vendors and suppliers.mEnsure that each person’s role is clearly defined as early as possible to avoid confusion along the way.


Understand the Attendees

You can not plan a perfect event for people you know nothing about., for example, different audiences have different preferences and exposure. It is, therefore, crucial that you choose a venue that resonates with the attendees. For instance, if the audiences are senior ranking officials, you can select a 5-star venue.


Work With a Budget and Stick to it

Your client will tell you their budget, and therefore, you have to plan a perfect event that fits within their budget. The budget will provide the foundation of the entire event. It is a tool that determines what you can include and what is not possible during the planning process. The way you allocate the budget will determine the overall success of the event. Typically, a large percentage of your budget will go to

Ensure that all the necessary potential costs are considered to avoid surpassing the budget figures.


Create a Checklist

Your client has probably suggested one or two things that he/she wants to be included in the event. You also have a few things in mind that you have planned for. The best way to ensure that you don’t forget important details is to create a checklist. The checklist should include all essential information with necessary contacts for the people in charge of service delivery.


Send the Invitation Cards on Time

The availability of your guest is mostly dependant on your ability to send the invites on time. You definitely don’t want to organize a perfect event only to end up with empty chairs. The best way to encourage attendance is to be on top of your invitations and RSVP confirmations. You can send reminder emails to all the guests a few days to the event. You can also add the guest to a calendar invite for the event with the necessary details.
















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