June 18, 2019 7:46 AM

How to host the best house party?

Are you planning a house party but aren’t quite sure how to take it to the next level? Well, worry not as we have a few tips for you on how to host the best house party.


What type of party do you want?

The first step to hosting the best house party is choosing what type of party you want. For starters, you can host a themed house party, a specific party like a holiday party, a pool party, a birthday party, or an after club party.


Sending invites

Once you have the type of party you want to hold, the next step is to pick the date and send out invites to your friends!

You can send the invites through social media, email, or maybe even the old fashioned way through the mail. If it is a themed party, you can send out themed cards to set the mood of the party in advance.

The invite should have the date, time, and location of the party. Do not forget to include any information you deem necessary like dressing code or how to RSVP.   


Setting it all up!

From the decor to the ambiance and entertainment; these are the things that will set the mood of the party.

The decor should match the theme of the party in case you are throwing a themed house party. For the ambiance, arrange the setting of your home, depending on the type of party you are throwing. Move the furniture around to create a room, decorate the poolside and the balcony to create that party ambiance. If there are any rooms you do not want guests to use, make sure you leave them locked.

As for entertainment, make a playlist with the type of music that fits the nature of the party. You can spruce it up with entertainers like a mermaid to keep guests on the poolside entertained, fire dancers, a champagne skirt or a snake charmer.


Drinks and Food

Apart from keeping your guests, you also have to keep them fed and quench their thirst. Snacks will do, and maybe guests can bring something, so you have a variety of bites. For the drinks, ensure there is plenty of ice, water, and mixes. For a big house party, hire a mixologist to give your party all sorts of concoctions they could not have imagined.    


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