September 17, 2019 5:01 PM

How To Keep Your Customers Coming Back! Nightlife

It definitely comes as no surprise that competition is tough out there in the Los Angeles nightlife industry! New hot spots pop up out of nowhere, trends blow up then fade away with each season, and the number one bar this week can be forgotten the next. So how do you set your business establishment apart from the rest? How do you become untouchable in the cutthroat LA scene? Listen up and we will tell you everything you need to know to draw in the crowds and keep them coming back for more!


LED Dancers

Most clubs and bars are all about the mood lighting. Its late, drinks are flowing, and ambiance is EVERYTHING. To brighten up a dimly lit space in the right way, we highly recommend incorporating stunning dancers with LED costumes. They give the guests hypnotic visuals that complement the music and elevate the atmosphere. People forget their troubles, their stress, and even the depths of their wallets in the presence of such talent and beauty. LED dancers can take it a step further with props such as light up wings, LED hula hoops, fans, poi, and more. They quite literally will bring the nightlife’s décor to life!


LED Robots

Some nights are extra special; maybe it’s a holiday, birthday, after party, etc. Having a custom LED Robot will give your guests an experience unlike any other! Our Lucid Life Entertainment life size robot has the ability to live stream the nightlife on his chest while marching about taking pictures and interacting with surprised attendees. The technology alone will intrigue your guests enough to keep them coming back!


Stilt Walkers

Magnificent characters towering over guests bringing the night to life?! Yes please! Stilt-walkers can dress to match any theme and enhance the viewers experience. Whether you want a tall scary skeleton for Halloween or a stilt walking snowflake for Christmas, we have got you covered!

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