May 7, 2019 4:19 PM

How To Organize The Perfect Pool Party?

Summer is here, people! It is very hot, and we can all relate to Bruno’s Lazy Song. But we are here to make you get the best out of this weather, including throwing a killer pool party. This is how to create the perfect pool party:


Setting the date and time

An ideal date will probably fall on a weekend, from the afternoon when the sun is scorching hot.


Picking the location

Nothing gets people out of the couch on a lazy hot day than the promise spending a few hours in water. All you need is a place with a pool.


Have a pool at home? The better and cheaper it is for everyone. If you have no pool, use a friend’s pool if they do not mind. Alternatively, hotels and some facilities allow people to purchase day passes and host such parties without having to book rooms.


You need to consider the size of the pool, the pricing, available amenities, the location so you don’t inconvenience any guests as well as their rules and regulations.


Picking your theme

Holding a pool party is a theme on its own. However, there is no harm in spicing it up with a few colorful decor pieces, matching beach towels if possible and tableware for snacks and drinks.


Sending out invitations

Have all the above set? Next is to send out your invitations. Keep in mind the size of the pool, so it doesn’t get overcrowded.

Your invitations should set the pace, and want everyone with an invite to want to attend. Also, choose the medium to use, e.g. email invites, a facebook event or a card invite.



A killer pool party needs killer performers. Here at Lucid Life Entertainment, we have nothing but the best performers to make your party the talk of the town- from mermaids to water spheres, hula hoopers, and even a DJ.  


Foods and drinks

You don’t have to kill yourself with a three-course meal. A few appetizers and lots of drinks will get you that perfect pool party. Set yours apart by hiring a flair bartender. For variety, your guests can also bring some snacks and beverages.   


Contact us if you need any entertainment! 

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