November 6, 2019 2:24 AM

How to Plan The Most Memorable Corporate Christmas Party

Corporate Christmas Party
Corporate Christmas Party

We are just a few days away from Christmas, and everyone is excited about the corporate Christmas party this year. Your employees have put in a lot of hard work, and organizing a party is a way of appreciating them for their efforts. Last year’s party went well, and you want to create something memorable for your employees this year. If this is the case, don’t worry. We got you covered with the best tips for organizing the most memorable Christmas party of all time.


Many employers confuse a corporate Christmas party with a morale-boosting exercise. However, the main objective of the office Christmas party for employees is to relax and enjoy the celebration. It is the perfect time to take your mind off company targets and earnings and just have the best time of your life. Here is how to get started.


Set Appropriate Date and Time for the Event


There are two most import factors that you have to consider when deciding on the date and time for your corporate christmas party. First is availability, and the second is the schedule of your employees. You always have to remember that other companies may be planning for a similar event, and you don’t want your employees to miss your event for another company’s event.


In terms of employee schedule, the best date to set the Christmas party is on the last official workday. No employee wants to show up at the office after the party. It is, therefore, appropriate you schedule the party either in the afternoon or evening of the last official workday.



Select the Best Venue

As mentioned above, a lot of companies will be planning a similar event around that time of the year. This means that suitable venues will be booked in advance. You also don’t want your employees to have a party in the natural work environment as this could be boring. Look for a unique event and book it well in advance.


Set a Budget

Itis common practice for organizations to set aside some money for your corporate christmas party. However, your job is to ensure that the money is utilized on the right things and stretches as far as possible. Spend the money on the essential elements of the party, such as food, drinks, and entertainment. You can then you can consider other things such as decor and others.


Get the Best Entertainment

For most parties hiring a Dj or a band seems enough. However, you can do better than this if you want to create a memorable corporate christmas party for your employees, the entertainment has to be unique and the best. Think outside the box and consider hiring;

Musicians, LED Dancers or other performers such as:


Provide Delicious Meals and Drinks

This is the best part of anycorporate christmas party. The employees are there to eat and drink at the company’s expense. You sure don’t want to skimp out on meals and beverages. Work with a caterer who can provide delicious and high-quality food. Remember that it is not really a party unless there is plenty of food and drinks.





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