December 3, 2018 6:14 PM

Lakers Casino Night with Lucid Life Ent

This year, the LA Lakers held their Annual Lakers Casino Night on the 29th of September. The 2018 event was held at Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California. This annual event is not only fun but it also benefits the Lakers Youth Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to helping the youth of today grow into successful young adults.


It was, of course, thrilling and humbling to be part of this year’s event. Our mermaids’, contortionists, and bubble sphere dancers brought more than just entertainment to the event.  


The event had approximately 500+ VIP Lakers Fans with special guests including the legendary Lakers players, the amazing Laker Girls,  and the coaches.


To make this important night unforgettable, we brought our finest talent to the poolside party. Lucid Life Entertainment made a splash at the Lakers Party courtesy of our beautiful mermaids. Apart from swimming in the pool, the mermaids also entertained guests, taking their breath away as they posed for photos.


The bubble performers brought their giant bubbles to life in the Resort Pool. With their charismatic dance moves, they enchanted the guests and floated gracefully around in their life-size bubbles. The guests also got a chance to dance alongside them and pose for pictures.


Our contortionists showed everyone present that defying all physical limitations is possible. As they twisted their bodies into impossible shapes and positions, you could see the jaw breaking reactions from the guests.


By the end of the night, everyone was fully entertained and happy to support the Lakers Youth Foundation. The feeling of seeing all the guests awe inspired by our performers is ineffable.

We are grateful to the LA Lakers for taking us on this journey with them!


If you are having an upcoming event, get in touch and we will make your event a dream come true :).

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