April 18, 2018 10:41 PM

LED Performers: What to Choose For Your Event

When planning an event, one of the key areas to consider is entertainment. Entertainers can either bring excitement or boredom to your event. Among the many lists of performers available out there, LED performers should be on your list.


Using LED in an event by entertainers has picked over the years but there are many creative ways artists can give your party an exciting look. The top LED performers you should consider for your event are:


LED Poi Spinning


Digital Poi LED sticks are used by performers to for their visual performances. The sticks are used to draw customized pictures in the air when the performer spins them. The pictures appear when the LEDs change their color and brightness. When this happens, the Persistence of Vision allows you to see the trail.


The best part about the pictures is that you can customize the pictures for your event. This way, you can your favorite pictures displayed by the performer such as anniversary pictures or company logos.


LED Robot


If you are holding an event for young children having robots will be the highlight of their day. LED robots can be up to 9ft tall with LED lights of multi-spectrum. After the event, your guests can interact with the performers.


LED Dancers


Dancers bring a different mood to an event because of the various choreographies they can incorporate in their dance moves. They can be emotional, entertaining and soothing. LED dancers can make the experience better for you by using lights in their performance. The lights are of various colors, which brighten the performance and the event more.




Hula hoopers performers dance using hoops. They can spin up to seven hoops in a dance routine and can also use LED in their performance. With their routine, hula hoopers will give your guests an outstanding performance that they will remember for a long time.


For an outstanding event, consider using LED performers for your event.

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