December 20, 2017 12:08 AM


Get your party started with our LED Robot! No matter the occasion, our LED will get your crowd pumped. Our LED Robot can be up to 9ft tall and is covered in exciting multi-spectrum LED lights and is a true attention-grabber.


What’s more, our robot possesses killer moves on the dancefloor, which makes it a great addition to any kind of extravagant party or event. Besides, having an LED Robot at your event provides the fantasy of being away from reality, in another, futuristic world, where life is simpler and more fun.


So, when to get an LED Robot?

You can get one for…


Any birthday

Celebrating your birthday is a special event that you want to spend with those closest to you, and, because you care about them, you’ll want to make sure that everyone has a good time. If your guests are on the younger side and you want your birthday to be something more than a regular night out, contact us at Lucid Life Entertainment and hire our LED Robot that will stage the best light show and make sure no one misses out on the fun.


Any private party

Depending on your theme and audience, you can basically spice up any party with an LED Robot. Be it for Christmas, Halloween, or New Year’s Eve, our robot will light up any event. If you were thinking about going with themes such as Sci-fi, Robot Wars, Transformers, or something similar, LED Robot is a must.

On that note, our worldwide LED Robot recently made an appearance at the extravagant MAXIM Halloween Party and was a complete success, so you can rest assured that we will turn your party up!


A corporate event

If you’re organizing a corporate event but want to do something less traditional and don’t want it to be a stiff get-together, think outside the box and organize a party everyone will be talking about for months to come. With our LED Robot, you can make your corporate event a colorful and upbeat occasion where your co-workers will be able to blow off some steam and take some time off from everyday stresses.


A music festival

LED Robots have lately become super popular at music festivals – you’ve probably seen a few amusing the crowds of Ultra Music Festival or your local nightclub – because great effects and awesome dance moves go amazingly well with good music, lifting the atmosphere to new heights. So if you want to give your guests a fantastic, unrivaled show, hire an LED Robot and let it work its magic!


You can also hire our LED Robot for any other event of your choice – and can count on us to deliver.



You can contact us  and book the robot as a walkabout act, as a stage performance, or as an interactive act – depending on your wishes and the concept of your event. It is also available to book with a CO2 gun that your guests will be absolutely thrilled by!


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