November 6, 2018 1:34 PM

— Meet our « Fire Performers » —

There are numerous ways you can adopt to add life to your event. Gone are the day’s events were boring with just a funny MC- or one that tried to be funny. Meet our fire performers, ladies and gentlemen.   


Fire Performance Defined


Fire performance involves the adoption of objects with one or more wicks of fire in a performance. Fire performers usually use wicks that are capable of sustaining a huge flame. A large flame is preferred because of its ability to create visual effects.


What Do They Do?


With our fire performers, you can be assured your guests will have a dazzling experience. There is no limit to what they can do. From customized performances to well-choreographed dance routines and the right music. Like the daredevils they are, they will dance in the fire, fire eating and breathing and run the fire along their skin.


With their loops, torches, poi swords and hoops among others, they will leave your audience delighted by the danger of it.  


How They Light up Your Event


Whether it is a corporate event, a birthday party a themed wedding or any event, they will always come through. If you are organizing a corporate event, hire-fire performers who can perform using hoops, poi swords or even breath fire. This is bound to bring an atmosphere that is different from the all-busy-and-serious the corporate world is used to.


Maybe you want a themed wedding- A group of fire dancers, fire eaters and breathers will keep your guests entertained at your wedding, especially those flower girls and page boys.


Apart from performing, fire performers will interact with your guests for a chance to freeze the memorable moments in pictures.

What party are you organizing next? A themed party, a wedding party or a corporate party.

Whichever it is, our fire performers will breathe life into your party with their mesmerizing fire performances.

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