April 18, 2018 10:28 PM

How to Organize the Perfect Bar Mitzvah

Organizing the perfect Bar Mitzvah can be made easier by this approach. To make the planning less stressful, here is a step by step guide on how to organize that perfect Bar Mitzvah.


  • Pick The Date


Setting a date in advance, maybe a year or two in advance will give you time to prepare for both the Synagogue ceremony and the celebration. It will also give your friends and relatives out of town a chance to plan for the trip.



  • Type of Celebration



One of the things to decide is the type of celebration you will be holding for the Bar Mitzvah party. Should it be an intimate event with only family and close friends or a big event with distant relatives too? You also need to choose if the celebration will be a luncheon or a dinner.



  • Getting The Venue



Knowing the type of celebration to have will make it easier for you to pick the perfect venue. The venue could also be outdoor or indoors. Your budget will also help you decide the kind of venue ideal for the celebration. Some venues will need more decorations than others thus increasing the budget.



  • Choose The Theme



A perfect Bar Mitzvah needs a theme that reflects your child’s interests. If your child loves entertainment then a Hollywood, movies or theatre theme will be perfect. The theme can also be incorporated in the invitations, the cake, and the decorations.



  • Entertainment


The highlight of any par has always been the entertainment. For a Bar Mitzvah, a fire performance will work for all age groups in the audience.

Taking memorable pictures with stilt walkers and watching them dance will create long-lasting memories. Consider using mermaids to bring the sea to life and have the children enjoy a mystical world in real life.

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