February 19, 2019 11:04 PM

How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party

Is someone special about to turn a year older and you want to surprise them? Planning a surprise birthday party is not hard, really, but it takes meticulous planning, trickery, and a group of people you can trust to keep their mouth shut about it. We have some tips for you on how to plan a surprise birthday party.

1.      Setting the date

Set a date that agrees with everyone’s schedule, including the birthday girl or boy. Since it’s a surprise, picking a date before the birthday will be great. They will probably be expecting a party on their birthday. Giving them a party before the actual date will be a total surprise.

2.      Conspirators

A little help on the planning will help ease your workload. Consider using people you can trust to deliver and keep the plan a secret. You can get help on decorating the venue, setting the snacks and drinks, and someone to bring the birthday girl/boy to the venue.

This will involve making plans with the guest of honor so as to reserve their time and avoid suspicions on the surprise party.

3.      Pick a venue

Speaking of venues, pick one that the birthday woman/man will not get suspicious about. Fancy places they have always wanted to go might aid their curiosity and raise suspicions.

However, places like their home, a friend’s place, or a restaurant they often frequent will help cover your tracks. If it is a restaurant, be sure to book in advance.   

4.      Send invitations

Do this a few weeks prior to the party so that people can plan themselves. Emphasize on the surprise bit. If possible, deliver the invitation face to face.

5.      Entertainment, food & drinks

All this will depend on the budget, venue, and number of guests. For a big party you could use a hired DJ or a performer ,and of course plenty of food and drinks. A simple party, on the other hand, will be great with some music in the background, some yummy treats, and drinks.

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