April 16, 2019 8:39 AM

Pool Parties LA: What to expect this season

No season quite like pool party season in LA. Here are some of the pool parties in Los Angeles and what to expect this spring/summer.



  • The Do-Over by Adidas


On the weekends leading up to Coachella, the Ace Hotel and Adidas will be holding one of the most famous and long-running Coachella preparties- The Do Over.

Adidas knows how to throw parties, and Ace Hotel is among the most iconic hotels in Coachella Valley. The party is free but for all guests over the age of 21.  RSVP here.  


When: On the 14 and 21 of April. From Noon to 6 pm.


  1. Asses & Ashes 420 Pool Party

Courtesy of Be Fit and 31 Flavors Entertainment, we head to South Bay/ LA Area on April 20 for the Asses & Ashes 420 Pool Party. Be ready for their heated pool and jacuzzi. For guaranteed entry, prepay. You can also RSVP and pay for the ticket on arrival.


  1. Belaire Blunts & Bikinis Pool Party

With hosts like Love and Hip Hop’s Bianca Bonnie and Marcus Paulk, expect a wild and over the top pool party this April 20. On the lineup are 420 models, food, drinks, 420 vendors, a DJ, and cool prizes to be won.


Grab your 420 ready bikinis and trunks and be ready to party from 1 pm to 8 pm.


  1. Rooftop party by Heritage Fine Wines

Time to usher in summer in style, courtesy of Heritage Fine Wines. You definitely don’t want to miss a pool party on a rooftop. The party will have a crepes station, an organic bar wine on the roof, bohemian ambiance and decor, and a DJ.


When: April 26th from 6 pm to midnight.


  1. M & M BY Rems Lounge

Mark your calendars for one of the best ways to blow off Monday blues. Pick your preferred Monday and enjoy a day in the free pool with some free munchies, half prices on drinks and a happy hour.


Have your seen Lucid Life Water Performers? Let us know when and where!

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