Reach New Heights by Aitana Cardoso

Aerial Bartenders…


are an innovative, graceful rising performing art. Aerial bartenders and/or champagne chandeliers are a unique and spectacular entertainment concept for any event.


Beckett Performing Main


The aerial bartender performs, serves, and interacts with your guests- making them feel involved in the spectacle. The act consists of short acts in which the performer is suspended up in the air in a chandelier prop with the bottles balanced around the beautiful, in-house designed, Lucid Life crystal chandelier.


Large Chand with Glassware

With their stamina and scintillating presence, they’ve become one of our best selling entertainment, bringing life to any event or show production. You can see our aerial bartenders perform at fashion and award shows, product launches or grand openings, holiday corporate parties or even festivals. For example, for the product launch of Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa Valley an equally remarkably elegant and refined aerial performer with a wine-chandelier dazzled the guests. The theme of the party was based on the color scheme of plum and blackberry (the wine’s flavors). The performance, as the wine, left the audience with a long, lingering aftertaste.


Push the limits of physical limitation and motion with Lucid’s aerialists.



Suspended high above the crowd, Lucid Life’s Aerialists weave beauty, grace, and danger into mesmerizing aerial dancing and dueling musical performances at high speeds. Watch them soar on Silks, Lyra, Cubes, and in Multiple Aerialist Apparatuses.

Stephanie Duo


Flying Dancers Anywhere!



Rigged the lowest used mainly for night clubs or small venues.

Beckett Lyra

Lucid Life produces all its riggings in-house for our shows! With adjustable free standing rigs, the aerialist can perform both outdoor or indoor.


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