November 19, 2019 9:13 PM

Stilt Walkers for Your Next Holiday Event!

Stilt walkers holiday event
Stilt walkers holiday event

This time of year the parties really start to pile up.  The holidays have a way of filling your social calendar like there’s no tomorrow! So how do you set your event apart from the rest and keep guests coming back despite their plethora of options?!  We at Lucid Life Entertainment have many tricks up our sleeve, one of them being stilt walkers!  Here are a few reasons as to why stilt performers are an amazing asset to your holiday affairs-


LED Magic!

What’s better than Christmas light displays marking your event entrance? How about a giant dancing snowflake ushering people inside!  Our beautiful LED wings can be worn by any of our performers, including stilt walkers.  Allow them to take guests’ breath away before the night even begins. 


Photo Opportunities

These days most events have a photo booth or backdrop of some kind for guests to pose and capture their night.  But what if instead of a stagnant set up, guests were able to take pictures with a stilt walking performer?  Stilt walkers dressed to the theme of your event will literally bring props and décor to life for guests to admire and appreciate.  And how magical would it be for kids to high five these gentle giants?! Stilt walkers posing at your photo-opp will take the interaction and engagement with guests to the next level. 


An Immersive Experience

We say this time and time again, but parties are truly a way for people to escape their every day lives and take a night to finally let loose and enjoy themselves. Music is the most important element to the relaxation equation, and we would argue that entertainment comes at a close second.  These tall, magical, stilt walking creatures roaming about possess the power to guide a party guest out of their head, away from their stress, and into the present moment.  Sometimes guests need that little push and that extra something special in order to let go. 


Overall, stilt walking performers are an amazingly effective way to amp up your event and wow your guests!!! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Lucid Life Entertainment for a quote today!

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