February 5, 2019 10:56 PM

Event Theme Idea: Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the jungle, courtesy of Lucid Life Entertainment.

If the tropics are far from your reach, we will bring them to you. In so many ways, your guests will have the best jungle experience an event could offer. Here are some ideas for the event:

Jungle stilt walkers

The sight of jungle themed stilt walkers, walking tall above everyone else at your event will be absolutely exhilarating. They can dress in animal print bodysuits, or even custom-made forest costumes to make them look like giant trees. You can also go in the direction of tribal clothing with headdresses and wraps.

Stretch your imagination as far as it can go and we will help you create the best stilt walking jungle characters.   


Themed jungle dancers

The deep, tribal drums of Africa are calling you. Our dancers can dress in any jungle themed attire your heart desires, and bring their jungle moves to liven up your exciting event.

Their choreographed, authentic style and expression of movement will blow your guests away.   



Forget the monkeys you might typically see in the jungle swinging from tree to tree. Our aerialists will rock your jungle themed event with their jaw-dropping performance while suspended high above the ground.

They will captivate your guests with their performance. Our aerialists can work solo or partner with cubes, silks, Lyra, and other aerial apparatuses.


Fire dancers

Our dancers will play around the roaring fire in ways you may have only seen up on the big screen. Except this time you get to be up close and personal.  Feeling the heat and watching the performers will be more enticing, dangerous, and thrilling than imaginable!

Our fire dancers can paint fire in the night sky using their hoops, poi, fans, torches and bodies right before your eyes. Let your guests marvel at the sight of humans breathing fire like dragons and make your event the highlight of the season.


Snake charmer

A jungle themed party will be even more enticing enough with a snake charmer. This is the perfect opportunity for you guests to see a snake accent the amazing bodies of the performers.


Get in touch with us and let us bring the jungle to your event. Make your event like no other with Lucid Life Entertainment!   

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