October 29, 2019 1:40 AM

Three Day Lucid Life Extravaganza with American Financial Network!

Corporate event Lucid Life
Corporate event Lucid Life

Holiday season is already upon us, and with that comes a rush of company parties, conferences, and events to inspire their employees and show appreciation for their hard work all year.  This October, Lucid Life Entertainment had the pleasure of providing three days of themed entertainment for American Financial Network.  With every day requiring vastly different talent and entertainment, Lucid Life truly proved that we can, in fact, do it all!


To kick off the fun-filled conference, night one consisted of an exciting fantasy-water theme!  From roaming, mischievous pirates to whimsical contortionists floating in the pool inside giant bubbles, guests were completely blown away.  Additional entertainment for the night included beautiful mermaids splashing around and posing for pictures, an energetic mer-DJ, and pirate flair bartenders serving up craft cocktails.  Guests were able to appreciate the beautiful bubble sphere dancers from afar while also joking around with silly pirates.  Ambient spectacles combined with interactive elements allows for a more sophisticated array of crowd-pleasing entertainment. 


Night two was a more intimate affair.  Guests were able to relax and talk among themselves accompanied by melodic singing and guitar playing in the background. Sometimes it takes that extra environmental aspect to put minds at ease after a long day of conference lectures and presentations.    


For the grand finale, and to finish off the conference with a bang, was the Polynesian themed surprise on night three!  Guests were instantly transplanted into the tropics when they were approached by lei greeters at the party entrance.  The night went on to include roaming Polynesian dancers posing for photos, a jaw dropping fire performance duet, and a choreographed show with talented Tahitian dancers, all backed by an upbeat Hawaiian DJ and charming Hawaiian band of four musicians!  This fun-filled, action packed night was the perfect ending to American Financial Network’s October conference!!!




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