November 26, 2019 5:12 PM

Top New Years Theme Party


Welcoming a new year especially a decade one is like pushing the restart button. You say goodbye to trials and tribulations of the previous year and focus your energy and passion to something new and exciting. People have different ways of welcoming the new year but nothing comes close to a fabulous themed house party.


You want to usher in the new year by doing something extravagant that your friends and family will talk about for months until the next one. There is always a lot of pressure that comes with throwing the perfect party luckily for you we have compiled the best new years theme party ideas to ease your burden.


The Disco Theme

There is nothing more fun that a disco-ball-flecked flair. From great lighting to amazing vintage costume coupled with retro decorations and fun music, your guests are assured of having the best time of their life. Increase the ambiance of your party room using LED or strobe lights and combine with Studio 54 tunes from way back.


Jungle Theme

A jungle theme party is great for people who are adventurous, enjoy outdoors and love woodland creatures. Just like any other new years party, the jungle theme starts with preparation. The venue is among the important things you should secure. A jungle party can be great is hosted in the forest or parks but it can also be done indoors.


When the party is hosted indoors, ensure that you create jungle-themed snacks for your guest. The decorations should also reflect woodland creatures such as lion, giraffe or elephants. Use animal print in your costumes to invoke the feelings of being in a forest.


Essential Party Ideas That you Should Include


Performers have away of making a party seem lively. Your guest will never forget that you went the extra mile to do something special for them. Include performers such as

  • Acrobats
  • Aerial bartenders
  • Fire performers
  • Hula hoopers



Instead of going with the usual music playing from the stereo you can make your party special by hiring musicians to perform live. Consider hiring

  • Harpist
  • Rummers
  • Violinist
  • vocalist


Greate props can lighten up the mood of your guests. Best prop ideas include,

  • Lifesize champagne glass
  • Mini champagne bottles for your guest to carry home

Photo Booth

People always want to remember how they ushered in the new year. As a result, they will take tons of photos to catch the moment. Be sure to set up a cute photo booth with incredible festive supplies and an amazing gold fringe backdrop.

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