July 9, 2019 4:26 AM

What’s a Champagne Skirt ?

A champagne skirt is a “skirt” made with hoops and vertical ribs to hold as much as a hundred champagne glasses. It can glide smoothly on a hard surface without inconveniencing the performer in the costume.

Champagne skirts are part of the newest, remarkable, and exceptional ways to serve drinks at a formal event. If you want to spice up how you are serving drinks at your event, then consider champagne skirt. With it, you can serve champagne or wine using champagne flutes or wine glasses.

And, if you are using a reliable entertainment agency, then the champagne skirts come models/ servers. They will ensure your guests are well entertained, well served, and will even take pictures with your guests.


When to have the champagne skirt

If you are holding a high-end event, then you can spruce up your mini-bar by highlighting your event with champagne skirts. If it is a big event with many guests, you can have more than one champagne skirt, stationed on different spots for all your guests to have access to such a stunning serving.

An event like a birthday, wedding reception, or even a corporate event is some of the events that could use champagne skirts. If you are looking for that perfect welcome look, a bubbly chatter and a chance for your guests to take stunning and memorable photos, then get a champagne skirt.


Where to have the champagne skirt

Due to the nature of a champagne skirt, it is ideal to have it if you are holding an indoor event. Remember that the champagne skirt has wheels which facilitate the movement of the wearer. 

This makes it ideal for an indoor setting, where the room has a hard surface for the skirt to glide through effortlessly.


For that upcoming event you are planning, give us a call and get your event a touch of champagne skirts! 

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