March 5, 2019 7:09 PM

Why Book a Contortionist?

If you want to bring the flexible side of art to your event, a contortionist is your best bet. Here at Lucid Life Entertainment, we strive to make this happen courtesy of our contortionists. But why book a contortionist for your next event?

There are a number of answers to that question, but we will keep it short, simple and convincing.


For that wow! moment

Your guests will definitely have such a moment at your event if you have a contortionist. No one knows how flexible a human body is until they have seen a performer at work; from various chest stands and stunts to splits, triple folds, backbends and much more.

If you are looking for such moments at your event, then book a contortionist now.


For a touch of art

When the performers bend, you can see the artistic style in their body movements. They can twist and shape their bodies into almost any unimaginable and artistic shape and form. Their grace, elegance, and the ease in their movements are close to a heavenly experience for anyone.

There are many forms of art for an event, but a contortionist will take things a notch higher.


Contortionists are chameleons 

Whether you are planning a themed party or not, the contortionist will incorporate your ideas into their performance.

The costume can be made to complement your theme color. Additionally, a contortionist can specialize as an aerial contortionist, a foot archer contortionist, a bubble contortionist, acrobatic, and more. The choice is all your yours.   


Suits any event

It does not matter the kind of event you are planning, our contortionists are ready for any environment; from stage shows to short performances to full-scale productions. Our contortionists will inspire and captivate your crowd with whatever is thrown at them!   

So, for your next event, book a contortionist and let’s make your one to remember.   

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