January 7, 2020 4:18 PM

5 Tips to Organize the Best Proposal

Many people are stumped on how to pop the four special words, “will you marry me?” What makes a proposal nerve-wracking is because you are worried about making it extra special, romantic and unforgettable at the same time. The truth is popping the question is hard to even guys who are considered romantic in their everyday love life. Here are a few tips to make your proposal even more magical that your spouse will never forget for the rest of your “happily ever after.”


  • Pick a Sentimental Location

The location where you decide to propose plays a considerable role in making the whole process a success. A sentimental location is perfect since it means something to both of you. For instance, it could be a place where you first met, the restaurant where you shared your first meal or even a spot where you had your first kiss.

Other than a sentimental location, a dream location is also an excellent place to propose. Maybe it has always been your dream or that of your spouse to explore the beaches of Thailand or visit Paris. Jetting to such a destination to propose to your bride to be will make her feel special as well as it is romantic.


  • Surprise her by Sharing the Moment with Family and Friends

A moment of happiness is always more special if your loved ones share it. You can organize the proposal to coincide with a holiday or a family gathering. However, if you would like it to be just the two of you, then you can make arrangements such that your loved ones are near waiting at a vantage point. You can then signal them when she says “yes” and let them share your intimate moment of happiness.


  • Hire Performers

The best way to make your proposal memorable is by making it unique. Hiring performers such as magicians and dancers is a unique proposal idea that will mesmerize your spouse and add to her beautiful memories of the proposal. If you have a particular song that both of you like or a song that you slow-danced to during one of your dates, then You can hire musicians to make the moment extra special by having a sweet melody playing in the background. Such musicians can include; 

  • Guitarist
  • Harpist
  • Violinist
  • Pianist
  • Saxophonist
  • Vocalist


  • Get a Professional Photographer

The best way to capture your beautiful moments together is by using a professional photographer. You can arrange to have an expert photographer standing nearby your proposal location. The benefit of using pros is that they know how to make the setting, capture the light, and take priceless shots of the surprise on your lover’s face just as she realizes what is happening.


  • Speak from the Bottom of Your Heart

What matters most during the proposal are the words you use to express your feelings before you say the four magic words.  Even though you say it every day, start by telling her what you love about her and how she makes you feel. Whatever you want to include in your proposal speech ensures that it is not directly from a written speech, a movie or online quotes. Remember, you are the only person who understands your spouse better than anyone else, so whatever you do, you will be fine.


Good Luck!


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