January 19, 2018 11:23 PM


If you’re planning a birthday party, don’t plan an ordinary birthday party! Organize an extravagant bash with performers that match your theme, and delight all of your guests.  

For this occasion, we’re bringing you six amazing themes that won’t be amiss.


With a circus theme for your birthday party, you can make your guests feel like they are visiting the greatest show on earth. Make sure the décor is colorful, prepare loads of popcorn, and create the perfect party atmosphere by playing real circus music. Bring authenticity to your party by hiring performers such as acrobats, contortionist, or stilt walkers – all of which we can provide for you.



When it comes to a masquerade themed birthday party, first choose in which direction you want to go with it. Masquerade themes vary from Renaissance, Venetian, Fairy Tale, Gothic/Vampire, etc. – just choose one and match the décor accordingly. Let your guests know what the theme is in advance, so they can come prepared. If you’re planning a more elegant event, set the tone for your party with a string quartet or a piano player. Hire our atmosphere models to mesmerize your guests.



If you’re planning a casino themed birthday party, choosing fun games for your crowd is crucial. Feel free to pick whatever games you think they will enjoy, just remember to keep it simple, because people are coming to have fun and relax, and not learn the rules of the games they’ve never played before. As for the décor, keep it in the style of a casino – so, red carpet and some velvet rope is a must. For a centerpiece you can choose a champagne served with a champagne skirt or even on a life-size champagne glass – just contact us and we will take care of everything.



If you were thinking something more exotic, think about organizing an Arabian nights party. Rich textures are here a must, so make everything colorful. You can use Aladdin for your inspiration – think desert, colorful pillows, a magic carpet. This theme works best with an outdoor tent, but you can turn your living room into a tent-style space as well – all you need is a little imagination and right props. Add to the mysterious atmosphere by hiring our cultural dancers or snake charmers.


  1. 80’S

If you’re hosting an 80s themed birthday party, don’t forget to let your guests know that dress code is a must. Since the 80s were a pretty colorful period in terms of fashion, you have a variety of décor to choose from. And of course, since the music is the key ingredient, don’t forget to hire the right DJ.



No matter what you had in mind for your glow-in-the-dark themed birthday party – be it an elegant glow show or a high-energy performance – we at Lucid Life have something for you. Hire glow dancers, LED stilt walkers, LED larger than life robots, glow in the dark performers or just contact us for custom requests – and have a birthday party of a lifetime.


If you want a quote for any performers don’t hesitate to contact us ! We will make your birthday stress free and memorable 🙂

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