September 24, 2019 6:44 PM

A Night at the Safari – School Fundraiser

Every year, Marengo Elementary school holds a big auction to fund-raise money for programs that are no longer funded by the school district, such as art and technology. For the second year in a row, Kaitlyn Rose, the owner and founder of Lucid Life Entertainment, has stepped in to not only plan but also to supply the event with out of this world entertainment! Despite her packed schedule and the numerous events already on her plate, Kaitlyn truly values giving back to the community and happily donates her time to Marengo Elementary. This go around, Kaitlyn brought the night to life with all things Safari!

The first thing guests see when they enter the party is an elegant champagne skirt model welcoming them with a drink. Her long black dress matches the sophistication of the evening with a hint of playful cheetah print on her hat and gloves. While they sip their champagne, attendees are encouraged to order a cocktail from the safari bartenders. All auction items for the fundraiser are conveniently listed out on tables at the front by the bar where the parents can shop around and enjoy their complementary beverages.


Stepping further into the jungle, guests will find a dance floor with an upbeat DJ busting out the latest hits. A dancer wearing a custom made glass elephant head and silver body suit can be seen moving about, taking viewers out of their every day lives and into the night. A sweet snake charmer slithers through the crowd, snapping pictures with surprised onlookers and answering their questions about her unique pet. And finally, towering over everyone are the amazing four legged stilt walkers, one a playful zebra and the other a mysterious tree.

Overall, the fundraiser at the safari was a huge success! Kaitlyn elevated the auction to new heights and was honored to be a part of such an important cause.

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