LED Glowing Acts Are The It Entertainment for 2018 by Aitana Cardoso Feature

Professional LED Dancers for your next event The LED light dance shows are on the rise since they are the perfect entertainment for festivals, nightclubs, corporate events, award shows, product launches, weddings and exclusive parties. At Lucid Life Entertainment we have a variety of LED shows such as glow dancers, […]

Reach New Heights by Aitana Cardoso Feature

Aerial Bartenders…   are an innovative, graceful rising performing art. Aerial bartenders and/or champagne chandeliers are a unique and spectacular entertainment concept for any event.     The aerial bartender performs, serves, and interacts with your guests- making them feel involved in the spectacle. The act consists of short acts in […]

Why Promo models are a valuable addition to your party by Aitana Cardoso Feature

Sit. Dance. Interact. Look pretty In today’s 21st century, there’s nothing that can’t be done and very few things that haven’t been seen. Today we’re going to talk about innovating ways to spice up your party. We’re going to bring light to what happens behind the scenes of nightclubs, VIP […]