March 28, 2020 10:04 PM


Daou winery Lucid Life event
Daou winery Lucid Life event

Over the past few years, Lucid Life Entertainment has had the wonderful pleasure of providing out of the box entertainment for numerous DAOU events!  DAOU, a top-tier wine company owned by two talented brothers, spares absolutely no expense in creating their quality products or throwing larger than life parties for their loyal clientele!  It has been an honor to be invited back again and again to take part in these magical celebrations, including the launch party for their new wine, Soul of A Lion.  

DAOU’s Soul of A Lion launch took place at the one and only Peterson Automotive Museum on the evening of Wednesday, February 20th.  This unique museum is a car-lover’s paradise in LA with its rich history and eclectic blend of vintage cars, modern technology, and sleek architecture.  Lucid has partnered with DAOU at the Peterson Automotive Museum on numerous occasions, each event more glamorous than the last!

For this particular launch, Lucid Life embodied the spirit of the DAOU Lion with a sparkling glass animal head dancer.  Adorned in a velvet lion costume, this dazzling performer prowled through the crowd in a reflective, custom-made lion head and golden, crystal back-piece as an almost abstract lion’s mane.  She was nothing short of modern-jungle chic!

While guests sipped on their wine and enjoyed delicious charcuterie they were able to gaze upon two ambient lollipop aerialists bending this way and that.  These graceful creatures dressed in sleek, glittering white body suits to complement the museum’s shiny bright cars and modern space.  

Finally, DAOU went above and beyond to wow their crowd with our giant Lucid Life LED robot.  This stilt-walking, light up robot towered over attendees as they snapped a photo or reached up for a friendly high-five!  The visual stimulation paired perfectly with a night of good food, excellent wine, and inspiring conversation.  We cannot wait to see what DAOU comes up with next and we thank them for always trusting us with their vision!!!

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