January 21, 2020 5:20 PM

Fundraisers: The Do’s and Don’ts

You have already decided to hold fundraising, and maybe you have already selected the charitable organization to receive the funds. The only problem is how to transform your plan into action. Many people think that start the campaign is the hardest part, however the hardest part of any fundraising is organizing the hardest part. Here are the do’s and don’ts that are necessary when fundraising for a good cause. 

Don’t do it Alone

The primary purpose of fundraising is to get as many people as possible united for a single cause. You, therefore, have to include your friends and family, they can help with several tasks and also increase your level of motivation. This way, you will be able to accomplish most of your goals early enough even before the actual event starts.

Do Provide Entertainment

Fundraising can be boring, and this will limit the amount of money you raise. You want your guests to be happy so that they can enjoy giving. Keep in mind that entertainment is not only for fun but also to inspire your guests. Here are a few entertainment ideas to try out

  1. LED Dancers
  2. Magicians
  3. Cultural Dancers

You can also include

  • Stilt walkers
  • Sword performers
  • Hula Hoopers

Do Form a Committee

The benefit of having a committee is that all the tasks will be subdivided into small manageable tasks. Each committee will perform different roles that will sum up the whole event. For example, you can have a planning committee, they will be in charge of significant tasks such as logistics, catering and find the venue.

Don’t Forget to Inform Your Employer

 A lot of employers offer paid time off for charitable or volunteer work. Besides, your employer can also decide to provide something for the course.

Do Be specific with your Goal

Your attendees are likely to give more if you inform them of your target. You can let them know if the target is reached or if you still need more funds.

Do Provide the Necessary Materials

Certain materials are necessary for a fundraising event. They can be training materials for your volunteer, donor envelops, brochures and any other material that is essential for your fundraising campaign.

Don’t Limit Your Creativity

Many fundraising events are usually stifled on creativity that they miss out on real opportunities to convince donors. However, that doesn’t mean that you should not have fundraising standards in place. It is good to have protocols in place but it is also good to be open to new ideas from other team members so long as they will help you achieve your goals.

Do Track and Measure Progress

Tracking progress is a critical factor in ensuring that your event is successful. There are different tools that you can use to track progress. Once the work is done and you have reached your goals, don’t forget to thank your donors as well as your volunteers and all team members who helped you organize the event.

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