January 28, 2020 8:36 PM

Google Holiday Party with Lucid Life Entertainment!

Google party LED dancers
Google party LED dancers

This season we made it our mission at Lucid Life Entertainment to bring a special touch of magic to every single event we had the honor of working.  Most people’s calendars are flooded with so many parties and events this time of year that they can all start to feel like obligations.  This knowledge and understanding inspired us to take the Google Holiday Reception in San Francisco and turn it into a dreamlike Winter Wonderland that attendees would never forget! 

LED Logo Poi Performer

The first thing that guests saw as they approached the Google party venue was our amazing poi performer welcoming them into the event.  We were able to customize our LED poi light sticks with graphics and welcome messages including the San Francisco Skyline and different colorful Google Logos.  Before their night had even started attendees were already being transported into another world!

LED Ballerinas

Upon entering the stunning San Francisco city hall Google employees were greeted by two beautiful ballerinas in glowing tutus.  These talented dancers floated around the party in their pointe shoes, captivating the crowd with their grace and charm.  We also took it upon ourselves to customize their costumes with LED lights so that they provided magical mood lighting in the grand hallway. 

Champagne Skirt Snow Queen

What’s more fun than ordering from your typical bar? Being handed a glass of ice-cold champagne from none other than the Snow Queen herself.  Our model sparkled from head to toe in her hand-made champagne skirt which holds up to 80 glasses of bubbly.  Guests no longer had to wait for their drink and it was handed to them with the upmost style!  Our queen was also happy to pose for photo-opps as she floated about the party.

Champagne skirt google event

LED Hooper

Finally, a playful LED hooper roamed the reception performing for guests with an LED light display programmed onto her hoops.  These amazing visuals complemented her technical talent as a flow artist and entertained guests into the night!!!

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