September 3, 2019 3:11 AM

How to Make a Conference More Entertaining!

Conferences can be a wonderful opportunity to gather, discuss, and network.  The business aspect of a conference is certainly necessary but it can sometimes be a bit, well, stiff.  So how do you make sure to cover all of the important information at a conference while also keeping attendees excited and engaged?  Here are a few ideas from Lucid Life Entertainment when it comes to spicing up your business event!


Champagne Skirt –

Every conference needs refreshments.  Long days packed full of lectures and social interactions can be pretty draining for guests.  Whether its an afternoon break or an evening cocktail hour, utilizing a beautiful champagne skirt is the perfect, unique way to make a strong impression!  Our stunning champagne skirt model can pose for pictures, provide guests with a delicious beverage, and add that special touch to a long and intense day.  Networking is all about the ambience and there’s nothing like a champagne skirt model to amp that up!  Our model and skirt can also be dressed to coordinate with the conference theme.  And though champagne is the obvious drink of choice, the skirt can be filled with anything from cocktails to candy to lemonade!


LED Dancers

It is very common for conferences to host a fun-filled evening at the end of a long day of business.  This allows attendees to relax, mingle, and get to know one another in a less serious setting.  Sometimes the social aspect of the conference is truly the most important part!  Jazzing up the party and livening the mood can most definitely be done with the help of Lucid Life LED Dancers.  These dancers can greet guests at the event entrance with lit up, stunning wings.  They can start a conga line on the dance floor. If the event calls for specialty performers then the LED Dancers can captivate the guests with their LED hoops and/or poi.  The poi can even be programmed to project the conference logo or patterns that match the conference theme!


No matter what your conference is regarding, the goal is to inspire attendees and establish a sense of comradery between like minded individuals in the field.  Adding a new and different entertainment element to the mix will set your conference apart and give your guests an experience they will never forget!

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