August 13, 2019 4:36 PM

How to Organize a Successful FUNdraiser!

Sometimes raising money for your cause or organization can feel like a daunting task!  More often than not you will find that simply asking for donations can only go so far. At some point it will be time to get creative in order to achieve the results you need!  Hosting a big fundraising event with wow-factor and genuine effort will prove to benefactors that you are the right organization to stand behind. 

So where do you find the fun and exciting solution to all your fundraising needs?! Look no further because Lucid Life Entertainment has all the answers!


Performers at Your Philanthropic Event!


Utilizing talented performers at your gathering will elevate the atmosphere to the next level.  At The Shane’s Inspiration Gala (a non-profit that funds and builds playgrounds for children of all special abilities), Lucid Life Entertainment brought a colorful array of circus performers to the stage to kick things off before the first gala speaker.  These amazing acrobats, contortionists, dancers, and more were certainly effective in grabbing the audience’s attention! 


What performers will best suit your event?


Not only will performers stop attendees in their tracks, but they also have the potential to enhance the desired mood of the event.  If the event is on the more sophisticated side, maybe a beautiful harpist or violinist accompanied by a dancing ballerina would be the best option.  If the fundraiser is focused around kids then perhaps a clown or interactive magician are the direction to go.  Tell us your intended audience and we will meet your needs! 


No matter how much you hope to raise at your event, having top tier performers and entertainment will linger in your supporters’ memories long after the fundraiser takes place.  Word of your cause will grow and you WILL see results!  To book entertainment at your next fundraiser don’t hesitate to check us out at!

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