December 23, 2019 11:15 PM

5 Reasons to Have a Champagne Skirt at Your Party!

champagne skirt for event
champagne skirt for event

The holiday season can feel like a marathon.  Event after event with friends, coworkers, clients, and family can leave you absolutely overwhelmed and exhausted!!! That is where we come in – Lucid Life Entertainment to the rescue!  With our performers and extravagant props wowing the crowd, your event will be a guaranteed success.  One of these amazing Lucid creations includes a custom made Champagne Skirt worn by one of our beautiful models. 

Here are 5 very good reasons to add our Champagne Skirt to your next event!

  1. The Champagne Skirt will make a huge impact if it is the first thing guests see walking into your event. Red carpet or not, having a dazzling centerpiece will catch their eye and give an amazing first impression.
  2. Cheers! There is no warmer welcome that a glass of Champagne greeting you at the door.  Party attendees will immediately relax and find themselves in the celebrating mood.
  3. Photo opportunities galore! People really like to dress up and capture the holiday spirit with a great photo.  Having a model there to pose with them in her unique attire will give everyone a crazy memory to later show their friends or post on social media! 
  4. Our model can dress as a snow princess, a Nutcracker ballerina, a cute Christmas elf, the options are endless. We can customize our skirt and performer to match any theme your heart desires!
  5. She’s mobile! Our handmade Champagne Skirt even has wheels! Imagine the surprise on guests faces when a champagne adorned ice queen glides over to them with a glass of bubbly. They will be utterly speechless.

Not only is the Champagne Skirt a for sure hit, but it will also take stress off the bartenders at an especially busy event.  Our skirt fits 80 glasses with our assistant on stand by ready to refill at a moments notice.  This way if there is ever a line at the bar guests will have a fun and easy additional option!

Let us know if you wish to book a Champagne Skirt for your next event and receive a 10% holiday discount all season long!

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