The Building blocks of entertainment by Aitana Cardoso

Every city has its quirks, whether you aspire to live by the Hollywood standards, or cringe at the sound of the word, the reality is it’s a big silver shining bubble of an industry in a city that is mainly green. The entertainment moguls and all relative creative minds have helped push our cost of living (along with our sky-high rent and home prices) through the roof. It’s not a surprise that Los Angeles is one of the most expensive places in America, below New York and San Francisco.

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The entertainment industry looms large on the world stage and L.A. is the entertainment capital of the world. The films, television shows, and music that are seeded and planted in LA, grow to expand and are viewed by the entire world. Humble dreamers move to the city in hopes of becoming the next big actress/actor, film director, fashion photographer, casting manager, producer, etc etc but very few make it and the others end up hosting or serving in a restaurant in Melrose.




According to the Otis Report on the Creative Economy of California, the creative industries, including entertainment, visual arts, fashion, and publishing, generate $293.8 billion to California’s economy. LA is one of the founding fathers of the entertainment industry in the United States, and although when thinking of fashion NY is many’s first thought, LA holds the largest fashion industry in the States. California’s direct labor income averages a striking, yet not surprising $71.4 billion, of this 32.7% holds publishing and printing, and  23.2% goes to our dear entertainment industry.


“We tend to hype the money and growth attached to Silicon Valley and the tech business. The 21st-century California economy depends on invention, innovation, and ideas. It’s high-tech sectors and other leading industries benefit greatly from synergies with California’s creative industries,” Dennis Romero, LA Weekly. 

On July 19, Lucid Life, another upcoming entertainment mogul, attended the BizBash Live Los Angeles which returned to the California Market Center. BizBash Live attendees collectively execute and/or influence nearly 66,000 events annually, and influence buying power to the tune of $903 million a year.

Some of the attendees included Blueprint Studios, Belasco Theater, AFR Event Furnishings, Step and Repeat LA, LA Photo Party, and other companies who come back every year. The attendees are broken down into the following key decision makers:


  • 42% Own/produce events/meetings for independent events/meeting firms
  • 34% In-house event planner/supplier for venues/caterers/rentals/production
  • 13% Produce/influence events/meetings for company/non-profit
  • 11% Other (i.e. event marketing agencies and experiential design firms)

So what are the building blocks that hold a successful entertainment company?


  1. PROGRAM (Activities & Entertainment) : Engagement strategy & Activations. Content Creation & Display Concepts. Theme & Branded Entertainment. Food Style & Menu Selection.                  candle-912773_1920
  2. OBJECTIVE ( Welcome with a display of grandeur): Make sure your activation includes a branded city of the impressive structure. For this, you can include larger-than-life displays of network stars, entrance arches, high-impact video walls. Be consistent with your brand and of your client’s.                                                                   space-telescope-561365_1920
  3. CAMPAIGN ( Communicate and send across your message and inspire): Include familiar colors of the festival, corporate event, or private party you are producing. Include inspirational decor elements that guide your guests through the space created. Encourage excellence!                                                                                                  juggler-1938714_1920
  4. ENTERTAIN ( Bring your client vision to life and wow your guests with an experience of a lifetime): Give your client the recognition they deserve. Entice your invitees/guests with flying acrobats, aerial bartenders, fire dancers, strolling life-size champagne models, and CYR Wheel performers. Give them acts to remember.                   juggler-195309_1920

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