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Free tools for event planners los angeles
Free tools for event planners los angeles

Being an event planner isn’t easy. It requires amazing organization skills, planning skills as well as a having a great memory. However, you can get a little help to do your work properly with certain tools. Here are some free tools that you can utilize when planning to make sure that you are not stressed organizing events anymore.

This app was founded with the goal of managing personal projects and tasks online, making organizing anything free, visual, flexible and easy. With Trello you can keep track of everything you do and everything your team is doing.

It is a free app thatshows tasks to a shared board so that everyone can access the to do list. You can view what is in progress and what has been done already. Apart from the free plan, you can upgrade to pro feature if you are comfortable as this plan accommodates teams and the Enterprise plan which accommodates up to 100 members. Both of them also comes with a per used rate.

It’s designed to specially help event marketing professionals to organize live events and conferences. This is made possible by its feature event app. 

This app was designed specifically to manage events with ease among experts in the event industry. It has the ability to automatically generate solutions through its filters and is very accessible all over the world as long as you have internet access. It also gives planners variety of options of suppliers and event locations worldwide. If you are in Australia and want to host and plan an event in the U.S, Eventopedia has made it possible for you.

Feedly makes it easier to find ideas and content all in one place. With feedly you don’t have to roam the internet searching for a trend or ideas. It also allows you to save content for later use and the ability of sharing it with colleagues and partners.

This is very helpful to all event planners. As all the factors for an event to be set up are considered. It allows you to manage guest lists, employees or suppliers. With pro party planner you shall save time and you will remain organized with a tidy workspace.


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