Why Promo models are a valuable addition to your party by Aitana Cardoso

Sit. Dance. Interact. Look pretty

In today’s 21st century, there’s nothing that can’t be done and very few things that haven’t been seen. Today we’re going to talk about innovating ways to spice up your party. We’re going to bring light to what happens behind the scenes of nightclubs, VIP restaurants and all the pool decks of Los Angeles, NY, Miami and Las Vegas. We’re going to talk about the working girls seen at these events – why are they there, who brought them, and are they getting paid? Their job seems fairly easy, to enhance the party with their beauty, making it look better than it already does. They are called promo models and they are usually wearing customs that match the theme of the party or simple fashionable outfits. They can be wearing anything from Avant Garde extravagant outfits to 1940’s cigarette girls, to Gatsby’s 1920’s attires, to the never aging little black dress.


The truth is every club does it, whether they publicly announce it or decline it. These girls are there to create an ambiance of beauty. Usually, the recommended number of atmosphere models per party is from 6-12, depending on budget and the scale of the party.

In the nightclub scene, the decoration is ultimately about sales. If something looks that good, the chances are it’s going to sell fast. Atmosphere models will also give your venue a reputable reputation of having not only average pretty girls but 5’10 models at your venue. This is what we call- the marketing image boost. It’s all about branding your party or venue the way you want it to. There’s few venues or party planners that can’t afford atmosphere models just because they’ve become such high in demand.

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Although venue managers or promoters usually just contact trusted modeling agents for atmosphere, we recommend hiring the atmosphere girls from entertainment agencies. This is due to the fact that full-time models are not going to give the guests the same interaction as entertainment girls who are used to working events every week and frankly you want atmosphere girls that are going to contribute more to your party than just looking good.

The trick is to hire someone who has the personality to back up the looks. At Lucid Life Entertainment, our atmosphere models not only stand and look pretty, but they’re interacting at the VIP tables, taking pictures with guests, helping with the photo booths, amongst any other given tasks.


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