World-class Fire Dancers for Events Nationwide by Aitana Cardoso

Last Sunday, Lucid Life Entertainment brought the heat to the hottest Sunday party in Los Angeles. Liasion’s “Deep in the Playa” post Burn decompression party. Our fire dancers went straight from performing at Burning Man to Liasion. This art has been around for hundreds of years.

Ancient Aztecs performed a fire dance dedicated to the god of fire, Xiuhtecuhtli. Nowadays fire dancing is performed in every kind of event, from large-scale festivals to graduation parties, to exclusive private parties.



Fire dancing encompasses a variety of skills involving twirling, throwing, and juggling fire objects. All of our Fire Dancers have been trained nationally and have a background training in fire safety.



Our fire performance includes skills like poi spinning, fire torches, fire grinding, fire staffs, fire hula hoops, fire whips, fire fans, and many other forms. It also includes skills such as breathing the fire, eating the fire, and even body burning without actually hurting the skin called “fakir skills”. Our performances can be choreographed routines to music or ambiance roaming acts.


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